Track Your Life and Habits Effortlessly: Introducing Siri and Shortcuts Integration with Sink

In today’s fast-paced world, tracking various aspects of our daily lives and habits for productivity, health, or personal growth should be as effortless as speaking. That’s where Sink, coupled with Siri and Shortcuts, comes into play. Imagine logging your daily activities, moods, meals, and habits through simple voice commands—Sink makes this a reality. Let’s dive into how this seamless integration can enhance your habit tracking and life-logging experience.

The Challenge: Cumbersome Daily and Habit Tracking

Many habit tracking and life logging apps require you to stop what you’re doing, open an app, and type out your activities and habits. This interruption often leads to procrastination or, worse, abandoning tracking altogether. With Sink, we aimed to eliminate these barriers.

The Solution: Seamless Integration with Siri and Shortcuts for Habit Tracking

By integrating Siri and Shortcuts into Sink, we’ve transformed life logging and habit tracking into a hands-free, immediate, and more natural process. Whether you’re finishing a workout, meditating, or just want to note how you feel or confirm your completion of a daily habit, just say it, and Sink records it instantly.

How It Works: Using Siri and Shortcuts with Sink

Sink simplifies your tracking experience by automatically creating a Shortcut Action for each event you log in the app. This integration means minimal setup for you and instant voice command functionality.


Here’s how easy it is to track an event using Siri:

  1. Invoke Siri by pressing the home/side button on your iPhone or by saying the “Hey Siri” command.
  2. Command Siri to log the event by saying the phrase “Sink [Event Name].” For example, “Sink Morning Run.”

If you need to log an event with specific quantities, such as time in minutes or distance in miles, you can seamlessly do so by stating: “Sink [Event Name] with units.” Siri will then prompt you to specify the amount, ensuring precise tracking.

Additionally, with iCloud Sync enabled for the Shortcuts app, these commands are not just confined to your iPhone. You can use them across all your Apple devices, including your Apple Watch, making it incredibly convenient to stay on top of your events and habits, no matter what device you’re using.

User Testimonials: Real Feedback

“Tracking my habits used to be a chore, especially when I was busy and would forget. With Sink’s Siri integration, I can instantly log habits like my morning meditation or my daily exercise routine. It’s completely changed how I stay consistent with my habits,” says John D., a regular user.

Ready to Try It Out?

Ready to transform your life logging and habit tracking experience? Download Sink today and start logging smarter, not harder. Sink is not just another app—it’s your partner in building and maintaining personal habits and logging life’s moments. Experience the future of personal analytics now!