Sink - Personal Analytics Hub

Introducing Sink, a simple yet powerful counter and tracking solution that fits seamlessly into your daily life. Track, tally, analyze, and sync your habits, events, and anything else you can think of. Fully integrated with Siri, Shortcuts, and Google Sheets, Sink is your all-in-one tracker. Effortlessly manage your productivity and gain insights into your personal growth.

Track Literally Anything

From miles run to cups of coffee consumed, Sink is your go-to hub for monitoring any aspect of your life.

Siri & Shortcuts Integration

Track without opening the app! Create and access your trackers with simple Siri commands or through Deep Integration with Shortcuts.

Real-time Google Sheets Sync

Seamless synchronization with Google Sheets allows you to manage your data anywhere, anytime.

Apple Watch Compatibility

Track your events from your Apple Watch using Siri. It's tracking made easy, right on your wrist.

Complete Privacy Control

Your data is only stored locally and never sent to Sink, ensuring complete privacy.

iCloud Backup & Restore

Safeguard your data with convenient iCloud Backup and Restore functionalities.

Export to CSV or JSON

Want to dive deeper into analysis? Export your data to CSV or JSON and explore your trends.

Rich Insights

Streaks and time comparisons. Enjoy basic insights and key highlights, all built into the app, helping you understand your habits and behaviors.

Event Customization

Add numeric values like minutes, miles, calories and even freeform notes to your events for nuanced tracking.

Search Functionality

Easily search and access any part of your data.